1974 – World’s first head-mounted temperature transmitter

The TRA-R1 from INOR was the world’s first head-mounted temperature transmitter

INOR expanded over time and started assembly of instruments and service. In the sixties INOR decided to develop their own temperature transmitter. This development led to a major breakthrough in 1974 when INOR invented and developed the world’s first head-mounted transmitter. The head-mounted temperature transmitter has since then turned into an international standard. The heritage of this has continued with more own-developed high quality transmitters and INOR is today a well renowned brand name all over the world.

One of INOR’s first self-produced measurement instruments, an optical pyrometer for temperature measurement in melting furnaces.
Early INOR advertisement

Product portfolio increases

INOR has been manufacturing temperature assemblies and transmitters since the 1950’s and over the years has acquired an extensive competence in the field of industrial temperature measurement. The product portfolio has increased to include both standard assemblies and unique, special designed instruments in different materials and shapes.

Top/Bottom left: Leif Olsson (1974) who still works at INOR, currently for Internal Sales. | Center: Picture of INOR production from the 1980’s | Top right: A group of INOR employees from the 1970’s. | Bottom right: Thomas Zwietz (1991) who still work
INOR employees 1970–1990